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Tena Products

Very good product, performed as specified


Best pads I’ve ever bought !!

Thankyou Incontinence Products

The staff at Incontinence Products were so helpful when I placed my first order and delivery was prompt. Placing continuing orders are now straightforward and smooth.


Such a great idea we use these when as travel they stick down great absolutely no movement and my son stims by rocking 10/10

V good

Great briefs

Bought 2 and then 7 more for hubby’s every day wear. It’s great & does the job. Very happy. Thanks team.

Huggies nappy

Always happy with Huggies since it is very soft to the touch. These pants are very good on the go and hardly rib when I put it on unlike other brand I tried.

Full Brief Underwear

Thank you for sending my order out so promptly, these briefs have made a great difference to Dad, and he is now more confident every day while wearing these.
Fabulous service and it's reassuring to have these products available. You never know what you may need until you need them.
Regards, Kylie


Great product and delivery

ENFit Syringes

Perfect, easy to use and a great product.

Abena SAN premium pads 11

This product absorbs well and can’t go without especially overnight.

Great product

Fits really well and very comfy

Perfect for elderly parents

I have an elderly parent with bladder issues and limited mobility. These take the hit instead of the bed itself. Huge help

Love these

These wipes are such a grest size for bigger children

Good compact size

I like the size of these pullups!!! BUT they rip so easy when trying to pull them up on an 8yr old child.

Chocy milkshake

Great mesl replacement & full of vitamins Minerals

Great smell

Love how it kills 99.9% of germs

Ego QV Gentle Wash, 1kg
Nicole D. (AU)
QV Wash

Gentle on skin

Garbage bags

Perfect size for larger incontinence products

Good protection

So glad I found this for it saves my LO from waking up not feeling completely wet. Good absorbent product

The best sort of kindness

The container and spray mechanism is robust and easy to push down. The cleansing foam is brilliant for patients and carers. It helps to clean really difficult hard to get at areas of the body. The patient’s skin integrity is preserved and along with wet wipes it is the kindest cleaning product for personal care.

Quite feminine but useful

I've been suffering from urinary leakage and then I tried them and they absorbed the urine and bad odors too.
As a male I had to make the decision to wear them after having urinary leakage.
I got rid of all my boxers and all my regular underwear.
The purple dragonfly prints looks nice.

Sizing: True to Size
Men's Bonds Hipster

So happy with these I will be buying more.

Useful pads

These have been very useful with an aging parent

Great product

This has a natural fit and isn't bulky while still containing any accidents that occur