MoliCare Premium Elastic 10 Drops Slip Open Style

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Size: SMALL (W70-90cm) 2,771ml
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Ian A.
Molicare Blue Plastic backed medium nappy style maxi style with thick booster insert

I have worn these nappies with a adult square flat flannelette Nappy folded & safety pinned over it then plastic pitcher pants over my double Nappy combo.I couldn't walk normally,but it was a overnight bus without a toilet.

Bogumila S.
The best so far

This product is, so far, the best on the market in terms of absorbency and practicality.
It is easy to wear in any situation and fits perfectly; fastening straps hold strong for all night and do not give away during turning and twisting. I wish that holding capacity for Medium size was stepped up to match size L or better still, one additional category was created in order to facilitate for liquid absorbency for users with smaller bodies but grater needs. Highly recommended.

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