Night'N'Day Comfort was founded in 1989 by Rosemarie Lakiss-Smith and has grown to become Australia's leading manufacturer of washable and reusable incontinence products and solutions.

Innovative Reusable Incontinence Products

Rosemarie's innovations include famous partnerships with the BONDS® and JOCKEY® brands, inventing the very-first 'pool containment pant' or incontinence swim pants/shorts, developing her very own and exclusive silky-soft, 100% waterproof-yet-breathable fabric to use across their whole range; from heavy incontinence pants to waterproof bed linen, bed sheets and mattress protectors - just to name a few!

Recommended by the Australian Government

Night'N'Day Comfort products are Australian government-endorsed, recommended and available through all State and Federal Incontinence Schemes.

Quality Products and Service

At Night'N'Day Comfort prides ourselves on our quality Australian Made products, quality customer service pre-and-post sale as well as continued innovation within the incontinence industry.


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