What Are Booster Pads Used For?

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Booster pads are non-waterproof absorbent pads designed to provide an extra layer of protection against leaks and odours.

They are designed to partner with and support an existing incontinence brief - not in to normal underwear. Booster pads have 'flow-through technology' which allow fluid to pass through booster pad or soaker pad once the pad is full.

The goal of the pad is to increase or boost the overall absorbency and extend the wear time of the incontinence brief.

Booster pads are available in disposable and reusable options, in different sizes and capacities making them a versatile choice for individuals with varying needs and preferences.

Booster Pads vs. Incontinence Pads

Incontinence pads are waterproof and absorbent products designed to be worn in your regular underwear or a special pad holder. They feature a waterproof backing to help contain liquid and prevent leaks. The absorbent core quickly absorbs liquid, while the waterproof backing ensures that the liquid stays contained, keeping you dry.

Booster pads are also absorbent products, but they do not have a waterproof backing. Instead, they are designed to be worn with another incontinence product to increase absorbency. The booster pad absorbs liquid and then allows it to pass through to the primary incontinence product, by that increasing its absorbency and wear time. This is why boosters should never be worn in regular underwear

Booster Pad Features

6 Reasons to Use a Booster Pad

  1. 1. Extended Wear Time: Booster pads are ideal for overnight use or situations where frequent changes aren't possible, such as long appointments or travel days. By using a booster pad, you can prolong the wear time of your main incontinence product, saving time and hassle.
  2. 2. Convenient Functionality: Boosters allow you to change only the saturated pad while leaving the main brief in place, which is especially handy when on the go. Plus, their compact size makes them easy to carry in a bag or pocket for discreet use in public bathrooms.
  3. 3. User-Friendly Design: These pads are designed for easy insertion into the primary incontinence product, ensuring a comfortable fit without any compromise in convenience for both wearers and caregivers.
  4. 4. Cost-Effective Solution: Using booster pads can help save money by extending the lifespan of primary products, reducing the need for frequent changes and minimizing the use of disposable incontinence items.
  5. 5. Environmental Considerations: While booster pads are disposable, some are designed with eco-friendly materials or biodegradable options to minimize their environmental impact. 
  6. 6. Odour Control for Confidence: Booster pads are engineered to neutralize odours, providing discreet freshness and confidence throughout the day.


  • Individuals Seeking Extra Protection: Booster pads provide an additional layer of absorbency to complement an existing incontinence brief.
  • Those with Moderate to Heavy Incontinence. Booster pads are designed to increase the absorbency of the existing incontinence brief. This combination enables them to effectively handle high levels of incontinence, making them suitable for individuals experiencing moderate to heavy urinary output throughout the day.
  • Great for Deep Sleepers and Heavy Sleepers: If experiencing significant incontinence leaks during the night, booster pads offer added protection, ensuring uninterrupted sleep.
  • Those with Bowel Incontinence. Adding a booster pad can significantly assist in managing bowel incontinence, simplifying the removal process without requiring a full brief change.
  • For individuals who are nearly independent with their care but struggle with managing briefs, to get them on and off, using a booster pad can simplify the process, enhancing overall independence for the individual
  • People with Skin Sensitivity. By absorbing and redirecting liquid away from the body, booster pads help prevent moisture-related skin issues and in addition prevent infections or bacterial growth. However, some people may have sensitivities or allergies to the materials used in booster pads. It's important to check the materials and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

Booster pads offer versatility and effectiveness, providing added protection, comfort, and discretion for those managing incontinence.


  • Individuals with light incontinence. Remember, booster pads are designed to be worn in conjunction with another incontinence product, rather than regular underwear. Therefore, for those with light urinary incontinence, this product may provide more absorbency than needed.
  • People Who Prefer a Different Type of Incontinence Product: While booster pads provide numerous benefits, they may not suit everyone's preferences. Some individuals may opt for less bulky options or prefer wearing a single product, such as briefs or pull-ups.


Booster pads come in various absorbency levels to accommodate different needs and preferences. Whether an individual requires light, moderate, or heavy protection, there are booster pads available to meet their specific requirements, providing customized solutions for optimal comfort and dignity.


  1. Put on Protective Underwear: Booster pads are only effective when used in combination with another absorbent product.

  2. Prepare the Booster Pad:  If your booster pad has an adhesive strip at the bottom, remove it. Note: The adhesive strip is intentionally not too sticky, and some booster pads may not have it. You can reposition the pad as needed, and your body weight will hold it in place. Pads without adhesive strips generally stay in place during wear, but exercise caution when removing underwear, as the pad may fall out.

  3. Insert the Booster Pad: Place the booster pad inside the protective underwear, positioning it in the center of the incontinence brief.

  4. Replace When Full: Once the booster pad is full, remove and dispose of it. You can then place another booster pad or continue using the protective underwear as usual.


  1. Wrap Used Booster Pad in a Plastic Bag: After removing the used booster pad, wrap it in a plastic bag to contain any liquids and odors.

  2. Seal the Bag Securely: Ensure the bag is sealed securely to prevent any leakage or odors from escaping.

  3. Dispose of the Bag in a Waste Bin: Place the sealed bag in a waste bin designated for sanitary products or general waste.

  4. Follow Local Guidelines: Dispose of the bag according to local waste disposal guidelines and regulations. Some areas may have specific instructions for disposing of incontinence products.

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Booster pads play a crucial role in effectively managing incontinence, offering individuals comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. With their ability to provide an extra layer of protection and increase absorbency, they offer a reliable solution for those dealing with urinary or bowel incontinence. Whether used during the day or at night, booster pads offer a convenient and effective way to stay dry and comfortable, allowing individuals to go about their daily activities with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are booster pads the same as incontinence pads?

As the name implies, these specialized pads BOOST absorbency. Booster Pads are made without the waterproof backing of traditional incontinence pads and are meant to be used in combination with another product (underwear, pads, or briefs.)

Are booster pads worth it?

While anyone with incontinence issues can use them, they are a good solution for people who are: Traveling and looking for extra absorbency. Booster pads are also helpful if you will be at an event or somewhere else for a long time with a limited chance to change your adult diaper.

What are booster pads for adults?

Booster pads provide extra absorbency to any disposable absorbent product. They feature a flow-through design that allows the booster pad to fill up to capacity first and then pass additional fluid to the brief or disposable absorbent underwear (or other absorbent product with a moisture-proof backing).

What is the difference between booster pads and regular pads?

Booster pads boost the absorbency of a disposable product. Urine absorbs into the booster pad and flows into the absorbent product. Booster pads do not have a waterproof backing, so use them only when wearing absorbent products. If you use a booster pad with regular underwear, then the liquid will flow through.

What is a diaper booster pad?

What are booster pads? Also called “doublers” or “inserts,” booster pads are a pad worn inside an existing incontinence product, like absorbent underwear or tab-style diaper. These pads are absorbent and once full, allow additional liquid to pass through to the absorbent pull-up or diaper with tabs.

What are the benefits of Underpads?

Incontinence Management: One of the primary uses of underpad sheets is in managing incontinence. Whether for the elderly, individuals with mobility issues, or those recovering from surgery, these sheets provide an added layer of protection against accidental leaks, keeping beds and upholstery dry.