Attention All Men! #GetChecked - Prostate Cancer Awareness

To all you Men out there, make sure you #GETCHECKED! According to Cancer Council Australia, Prostate Cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed for men in Australia, and the third most common cause of cancer deaths in men in Australia.

As confronting as the statistics are, the one potential way to not become a statistic and to help prevent Prostate Cancer, is to get checked regularly. If Prostate Cancer is caught in the early early stages, your chance of remission and survival is much more likely. Whilst this may seem confronting, it may also be the catalyst to get yourself checked by proper medical experts.

There are five-stage levels of prostate cancer diagnosis.

In Australia, if diagnosed early enough, a stage 1 diagnosis, can lead to a 100% survival rate. However, if left undetected, the stage 4 survival rate can lead to only a 36.4% survival rate.

The stark onus for men in Australia to get regular checks and getting checked early enough, is that only 36% of prostate cancer diagnoses are detected in its early stage 1 level. The further the Prostate Cancer detection is left to go undetected, the further the complications and threats to a man’s health. For further statistical information: click here 

So MEN, what are you waiting for?! Get in and #GetChecked early and regularly by a medical professional.

What Men Can Do To Help Themselves In Between Professional Medically Certified Check-Ups: 


  • your Kegel exercises,
  • your Pelvic Floor exercises,
  • keep up regular walking and regular exercise,
  • watch your diet,
  • eat fresh fruits and vegetables,

  • DON'T 

  • eat or avoid eating processed meats,
  • eat or avoid eating fatty red meats,
  • eat or avoid eating high in fat dairy products,
  • drink excessive amounts of alcohol,
  • smoke!

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