5 Other Uses of Bed Pads

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Disposable incontinence underpads are a great solution to short-term bedwetting and protection, whereas washable and reusable bed pads are a great long term solution.

Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads & Protectors 

Shop our range of disposable bed pads and protective underpads for incontinence and bed wetting. Highly absorbent and 100% waterproof bed mats to protect your bed and mattress.

Shop our range of disposable bed pads at IncontinenceProducts.com.au. Disposable bed pads are 100% waterproof and highly-absorbent, providing you with extra support, protection and assurance at night. Many people find these disposable options much more convenient than reusable products, as they don’t need washing or changing! Once used, they can simply be thrown away and a new, fresh disposable bed pad used.

At IncontinenceProducts.com.au, you can shop the best brands with confidence; we offer a wide range of quality disposable bed mats at great prices. We specialise in taking the stress out of shopping for incontinence products, in turn making life easier for those with incontinence issues.

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Incontinence issues can happen to anyone at any age, which is why at IncontinenceProducts.com.au, you can shop our range of continence aids that are suitable for both men, women and children. Over 5 million Aussies suffer from incontinence, which is why we offer a complete range of disposable and washable incontinence products as well!

The great thing about our disposable bed pads is that they’re suitable for all genders and all ages. Whether it’s for a child with a bedwetting issue, or an elderly person who needs extra protection at night, these discreet bed protection products are easy to use and super comfortable, whether they are suffering from regular leakage or the occasional incontinence issue.


Our disposable bed mats aren’t just suitable for bedtime. At IncontinenceProducts.com.au, you can shop for disposable bed mats that provide protection for all sorts of surfaces; from the bed and mattresses to chairs, lounges and wheelchairs. Simply place one of the disposable underpads or mats on any surface that needs protection. You can even use them as changing mats which can be thrown away once changing has been completed.

We recommend that you change the disposable bed pad every time it has been soiled. If there hasn’t been a leak or an accident you’re able to reuse them, saving money!


Caring for someone with incontinence can mean doing a lot of laundry. Not only is this time-consuming, but there’s also the associated costs of cleaning and laundry products as well as running your washing machine and dryer. These additional costs may be why you might want to opt for disposable incontinence bed pads at times, instead of washable and reusable bed pads. If you use these pads often, it can work out to be easier and save you time washing and drying, as you simply throw them away once used.

Disposable incontinence bed pads are also ideal for those who are short on time. We know that when you are the main caregiver, you need things that make your life easier as you have enough to worry about amongst all of your day-to-day carer responsibilities. Our disposable incontinence bed pads make it much simpler to deal with urinary or faecal incontinence issues.

These bed pads are simply placed over a bottom sheet, tucked into each side, and once used, you can fold or roll them up before disposing of them. This is much easier than needing to rinse, clean and sanitise bed sheets all the time, and helps you avoid the wear and tear that comes from washing and rewashing sheets all the time.

Disposable bed pads, when compared against washable and reusable bed pads, are highly recommended for ‘short-term’ use - less than 3 or 4 months - after which time it may be more cost effective to use a washable and reusable absorbent bed pad.


You can use our disposable bed protectors as the sole protection at night-time, or they are easy to use in combination with other incontinence products from our range.

Many people use our washable incontinence underwear at night, as it’s a comfortable way to give yourself extra protection. You’ll find incontinence underwear in men’s, women’s and kid’s styles, and these products look just like standard underwear, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed about wearing them. You can also buy reusable incontinence pads at IncontinenceProducts.com.au which are simply inserted into the underwear for additional absorbency. While these underwear products are leak proof, many people like the reassurance that our disposable bed protectors give them, so many combine the two, using both together.

If you’re looking after someone who may try to remove their incontinence product at night, whether it’s a child or an adult, our anti-strip incontinence bodysuits and onesies will ensure they remain comfortable overnight however will prevent the wearer from being able to to strip off or remove their continence aid, and our disposable bed protectors will still be there offering that extra protection and security.


Identical to disposable bed mats, some people find that disposable bed liners are helpful in managing occasional incontinence. You can simply place them on your bed, on top of your usual bed sheets, and know that you have extra protection should there be any accidents overnight.

If you find some incontinence products uncomfortable to wear at night, then disposable bed liners might be a good choice for you. They are padded and feel soft against the skin, so they won’t cause you any discomfort or sleepless nights, and once used, you simply throw them in the bin.

Some disposable bed liners come with tucks, which fold underneath the mattress, so they won’t move around at night. It’s worth choosing these products if you are a restless sleeper or toss and turn a lot in your sleep.

IncontinenceProducts.com.au offers a wide range of disposable bed pads which can be used by children and adults. They are perfect for providing extra protection during the day or night and disposable bed pads are a very popular way of dealing with incontinence as they are super easy to use and  very comfortable. We also stock a range of reusable incontinence pants for swimming and washable period underwear so you can keep active with complete confidence. 

Browse our range and buy disposable bed pads online and enjoy great prices on all our fantastic range of products!


Our range of waterproof bed and mattress protectors including 100% waterproof bed linen consists of waterproof and absorbent incontinence products that are perfect for the bedroom and overnight use to ensure a dry, comfortable and restful nights sleep.

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