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TENA Flex ULTIMA Disposable Incontinence Slip Pant, PACKET

  • $165.96


When you need heavy protection, you want total comfort and security.

This highly adjustable product has a waist belt with ‘hook and look’ fasteners making it easier to fit for either the wearer of with assistance from a carer. TENA Flex ULTIMA features breathable fabric and Super Absorbent Polymers that quickly absorb and lock away fluid, leaving the wearer dry and preventing odours from developing. They also have double absorption cores as further protection against leakage. Its external wetness indicator is useful for non-verbal or sleeping users

Ideal for moderate to heavy absorbency needs.

TENA Flex ULTIMA features:
  • FeelDry™ gives outstanding dryness, through quick inlet absorption and excellent retention
  • Waist belt for easier handling for all body shapes
  • Breathable backsheet™ lets the air circulate, improving user comfort and reducing skin problems
  • Elastic Fit™ waist elastics for a snug, body-close fit
  • Wetness indicator to show when the product needs to be changed
  • Curved leg elastics ensure snug and comfortable fit around the legs
  • Leakage Barrier for maximum leakage security
  • Odour Control™ for total freshness

TENA Flex Maxi is available in;
- Large (Waist 83cm - 120cm)

2,980ml (Large)

Pack Quantity
20 disposable pants per pack (Large)

Carton Quantity
3 packs per carton

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