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MoliCare Skin Impregnated Wash Glove

MoliCare Skin Impregnated Wash Glove

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MoliCare Skin Impregnated Wash Gloves 

Complete solution for whole body washing in bed bath. MoliCare Skin Wash Gloves offer convenient whole body washing. The gloves contains nourishing panthenol and skin friendly Aloe Vera. MoliCare Skin Wash Gloves have a pH of 5.5. to maintain the skin's natural protection layer.

Product features
  • Contains 8 gloves for 8 different body areas
  • Can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the refridgerator
  • No water required, alcohol-free

Pack Quantity
8 pieces per packet

Carton Quantity
24 packs per carton = 192 gloves per carton

Code: 995056

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