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Flocare Two-Pack Connector | Carton of 30

  • $147.15

All Flocare® Feeding Sets are ENFitTM compatible and designed to safely and securely connect enteral tube feeds to feeding tubes and accessories.

• Flocare® pack feeding sets connect to enteral feed via ENPlus cross-spike end: for increased patient safety.

• Flocare® mobile feeding sets are shorter (1580mm) than standard feeding sets (2300mm): for patient convenience
and to support mobile feeding.

• The Flocare® two pack connector is a short Y-shaped connector with two ENPlus cross-spike ends: enables connection to two packs of enteral tube feed and/or water at the same time for patient convenience. Quick release clamp may be used to regulate flow.

• All Flocare® feeding sets are compatible with Flocare® containers (40441, 40455, 70139).

• Medication port compatible with ENFitTM syringes: for increased patient safety.

• Made from Latex-free and DEHP-free materials.

Directions for Use
• Flocare® feeding sets are intended for ‘single use only’
and should be changed every 24 hours.
• Flocare® two pack connectors are intended for ‘single use only’
and should be changed every 24 hours.

• Store in a clean, dry environment.
• Protect from dust, rain and direct sunlight.

Quantity per Carton
30 units per carton


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