What is PACE?

PACE is the NDIA’s new computer system.
It has been designed to replace their current system.

Why is this being implemented?

It has been implemented with the intention of improving the way the NDIA (Agency) delivers the NDIS (Scheme).

Who does this update impact?

This update will impact any participant or business associated with the NDIS.

When is PACE effective?

PACE is currently being rolled out and the roll out process began mid 2023.

What is the process with the current NDIS system?

Currently, if a participant’s funding is Agency managed, we as a provider will log into the provider portal and lodge a service booking & payment request to submit a claim for payment. This typically takes under 5 minutes per participant for the NDIA portal to indicate whether the claim has been successfully submitted for processing or not.

What has changed to the process with the implementation of PACE?

As per the NDIA, “When a payment claim is made from a provider (such as us) who is not recorded as a ‘my provider’, a check with the participant is needed to ensure the support was agreed to and claim details are valid. Valid claims from providers who are not recorded as a ‘my provider’ therefore generally take 10 days to be paid.”

How does this affect me as a participant (or acting on behalf of)?

Our experience with PACE to date is that many participant’s and their network are not aware of the change.


When & how will I know if I’m with PACE?

A participant will likely be moved to PACE once they begin a new plan period. The participant should be notified of the change at this time.

As a participant (or acting on behalf of) what can I do to make the transition easy?

The best action you can take to minimise the impact on your supply of products and services is to ensure the providers you used have been nominated as your provider.

How do I nominate a provider in PACE?

Log in to your NDIS Portal (PACE): Access your PACE portal and navigate to the section where you manage your service providers.

Search for IncontinenceProducts: Use the search function to find MINAPPI Pty Ltd. Our details are:
NDIS Provider Name: MINAPPI Pty Ltd
NDIS Provider Number: 405 000 0940

You can update or change your my providers at any time by talking to your my NDIS contact or calling our National Contact Centre on 1800 800 110.

If you need assistance from your support coordinator, LAC, or carer to help with this process, please provide your consent for them to make any necessary changes to your service providers if you are unable to do so yourself.

When you record a provider on your plan, you are letting us know they can make claims against your NDIS plan when they deliver a support to you, and we do not have to check with you before we pay them.


How does affect me as a provider?

If a participant has not nominated you/your business as a provider within their PACE portal, it will take roughly 10 days to receive indication of whether a submission for payment has been successful or not.

What are some of the key changes involved with PACE?

PACE includes new features including the following:

  • Changes to NDIS support types and support categories
  • Participant-endorsed providers (my providers)
  • Release of funding at intervals
  • Rollover of funding
  • New ‘my NDIS’ participant portal and app
  • Participant check ins
  • Changes to service bookings
  • Bulk payment claims (single claim removal)
  • Viewing participant plans
  • New 'my NDIS’ provider portal
  • Requests for service
  • New reporting templates
  • Additional information available to providers
  • New notifications from the 'my NDIS' provider portal
  • Removal of the claiming overlap for plan managers
  • Changes to fund management types for some supports


What is ‘my NDIS’ participant portal and app?

The NDIA has built a new participant portal (‘my NDIS’) and updated its app to work with PACE.

The participant portal is referred to as ‘my NDIS’ and is for participants with NDIS plans developed in PACE.

Participants who don’t have a plan in PACE should continue to use the current NDIS ‘myplace’ portal. 

Participants are able to register for the ‘my NDIS’ participant portal once their NDIS plan is developed & approved in PACE. The new portal will allow participants to:

  • view budgets
  • see plan information and personal details
  • make and manage claims (for self managed participants)
  • see all claims against plan budgets
  • see messages and correspondence from the NDIA

Participants whose plans are in PACE can still access the ‘my NDIS’ participant portal through myGov.

If a participant already has a myGov account for other government services – such as Medicare, the Australian Taxation Office or Centrelink – they can use it for the ‘my NDIS’ participant portal. If they don’t have an existing myGov account, they’ll need to create one to access the ‘my NDIS’ participant portal.

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