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MoliCare Premium Mobile 8D Pull Up Pant

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MoliCare Premium Mobile 8D disposable incontinence pull-up (pull-on) pants look and feel like normal underwear while offering premium comfort and security.

MoliCare Premium Mobile disposable incontinence pants are suitable for mid-to-heavy urinary and faecal incontinence, offering high-level leakage protection whilst keeping the skin dry and pH-balanced to lower the risk of incontinence related skin issues.

MoliCare pants are designed specially for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

MoliCare Premium Mobile features an ultra-absorbent 3-layer absorption core for rapid absorption, inner leak cuffs for maximum leakage protection, odour neutralisers for high-level confidence and soft textile-like materials to ensure wearing comfort.

The tear-open seams at the sides allow for easy changing.

Please see below for further information and size and absorbency break-downs.

MoliCare Disposable Incontinence Pant Features:
- Perfect fitting to all body types and shapes
- Unique 3-layer absorbent core 
- Wetness indicator 
- Water repellent inner cuffs for additional leakage protection
- Breathable textile-like waterproof back sheet for added comfort and discretion
- Tearable open sides for simple and easy changing
- Skin friendly for sensitive skin
- Odour neutralizer for added privacy and confidence

MoliCare Mobile disposable incontinence pants are available in four (4) sizes:
- Small (Waist 60 - 90cm) = 1,791ml
- Medium (Waist 80 - 120cm) = 2,015ml
- Large (Waist 100 - 150cm) = 2,279ml
- X-Large (Waist 150cm - 170cm) = 2,421ml

Pack Quantity
14 disposable pants per pack

Carton Quantity
4 packs per carton = 56 pants per carton

3 packs per carton = 42 pants per carton

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