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Kid's All-In-One Sleepover Pant 300mL

  • $49.95

Kid's Unisex Waterproof and Absorbent ('All-in-One') incontinence underwear, featuring a Jacquard Elastic Waistband
Soft-elastic at the legs and waist ensure a comfortable and secure waterproof and absorbent protection. This product features a Jacquard Elastic waistband, making the product look just like normal underwear - a wonderful solution for sleepovers and camps!
Waterproof. Absorbent. Ideal product for incontinence during the day or night.

Brand: Night'N'Day Comfort
Style: Pull-up
Absorbent: Yes, full-absorbent inner-layer
Capacity: 300ml
Waterproof: Yes, full-waterproof outer-layer
Pad: Built-in (non-removable)
Recommended use: Urinary or faecal incontinence
Recommended use: Day Time Use, Night Time Use
Sizing: Similar to the Boy's BONDS Hipster Brief
Code: JHIP

Proudly Australian Made

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