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MoliCare Premium Elastic 6D Slip Open Style

  • $44.99

MoliCare Premium Elastic 6D (formerly Extra Plus Slip) disposable open-style incontinence pants with tape-fastening open-sides offer premium comfort and security.

MoliCare Premium Elastic Extra-Plus is suitable for heavy urinary and faecal incontinence, offering high-level leakage protection whilst keeping the skin dry and pH-balanced to lower the risk of incontinence related skin issues.

MoliCare Premium Elastic features a 3-layer absorption core for rapid absorption, inner leak cuffs for maximum leakage protection, odour neutralisers for confidence and soft textile-like materials to ensure maximum comfort.

The open-style design with sticky-tab fastening allow for easy changing; application and removal.

Please see below for further information and size and absorbency break-downs.

MoliCare Premium Elastic Disposable Incontinence Open-Pant Features:
-  Air active breathable side panels and textile-like waterproof backsheet provides comfort and promotes healthy skin

- Elasticised tapes will move with the wearer guaranteeing an constantly excellent fitting product
- Soft, water-repellent anti-leak cuffs provide additional leakage protection
- Wetness indicator to identify when change is necessary
- Re-closable "hook and loop" fastening system for perfect closing results
- Skin friendly for sensitive skin
- Odour neutralizer for added privacy and confidence

MoliCare Premium Elastic 6D disposable open-pants are available in four (4) sizes:
- Small (Waist 70 - 90cm) = 1,667mL
- Medium (Waist 85 - 120cm) = 2,159mL
- Large (Waist 115 - 145cm) = 2,349mL
- X-Large (Waist 140cm - 175cm) = 2,786mL

MoliCare Premium Slip Extra Plus 6D disposable open-pants are available in one (1) size:
X-Small (Waist 40 - 60cm) = 840mL

Pack Quantity
30 disposable open-pants per pack
X-LARGE ONLY: 14 disposable open-pants per pack

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