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Non-Waterproof Disposable Booster Insert Pads, 400mL (20 pack)

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Celflo Disposable Booster Incontinence Pads with sticky strip or adhesive strip
Celflo Midi incontinence booster pads.

About the disposable incontinence pads
Soft non-woven outer layer with pure cellulose fibre. These anatomically shaped incontinence booster pads hug the lines of the body providing additional comfort and security.
The booster pads are designed to increase ('boost') the absorbency of continence aids, especially overnight.

Absorbency: 400mL
Length: 40cm
Width: 20cm
Waterproof: NO
Adhesive: YES
Disposable: YES

20 pads per pack
8 packs per carton = 160/pads per carton

: IP462M

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