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M Devices Syringe Luer Lock 60mL Without Needle

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 Luer Lock three-piece Hypodermic syringes are made from Polypropylene, are free from latex and DEHP and are available in a broad range of sizes. A retractable safety syringe version retracts the needle into the barrel after injection to prevent re-use and needle stick injury.


  • Plunger stopper with double sealing ring
  • Lipid resistant
  • Free from latex and DEHP
    The retractable syringe:
  • Permanently disabled needle reduces risk of needle stick injury
  • Eliminates blood splatter
  • Audible lock Snap off plunger
  • Sharps waste reduction

Volume: 60mL
Packet: 1 unit
Carton Quantity: 40 units

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