Disposable Booster Pads for Extra Incontinence Protection!

Booster Disposable Incontinence Pads

IncontinenceProducts.com.au have disposable booster pads available as gendered booster pads for Men and gendered booster pads for Women. There are also Unisex disposable Booster pads as well.

So basically, Booster pads are an incontinence non-waterproof booster pad designed to be put inside another absorbent product. They work to provide extra protection to disposable briefs or washable reusable waterproof undergarments, all of which have been designed to provide extra protection over a monitored period of time.

For example, IncontinencePeroducts.com.au has Cello pads which have non-waterproof backing Unisex Booster pads inserts for 200ml and 400ml. We recommend the combined use of Night N Day washable reusable pad holders and Cello pads to reach optimum protection using Non-Waterproof Disposable Booster Insert Pads, 200mL or Non-Waterproof Disposable Booster Insert Pads, 400mL which are available to be purchased in packs of 20.

To view our full range of non-waterproof booster pads click here: Booster pads and as well for washable reusable Booster pads.

Waterproof Pad Holders 

The booster pads will work at their best with Waterproof Pad Holders. These washable reusable pad holders act as the waterproof outer layer and in some cases waterproof and absorbent protection, and then boost the capacity with a disposable booster pad. Using a booster insert to increase the capacity of a reusable product with a disposable pad helps the reusable product to last longer and go further.

For example if there’s been a minor accidental leak, the entire product does not have to be changed, but possibly just the pad insert, which can then be replaced with a fresh new disposable pad.

Or for example if there has been a heavy accidental leakage, and it goes through the disposable booster pad, the Waterproof Pad Holders cover will be able to catch the excess leakage that the disposable booster pad may not be able to do. This gives additional absorbency and protection. The beauty of this means you only need to purchase extra pads but the  Waterproof Pad Holders outer layer is washable and reusable.

How often do booster incontinence pads need to be changed?

It is recommended to change incontinence pads every 3 to 4 hours or 4 to 6 times per day, depending on your level of incontinence.

Free Samples:

IncontinenceProducts.com.au offers free disposable product samples through our website via free disposable samples. This is where our Friendly Customer Service team can help to define which products are the best and most suitable.

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IncontinenceProducts.com.au manufactures a complete range of incontinence products including absorbent underwear and waterproof pads? Some of these products also double as period-proof underwear. Our products are Australian Made and manufactured, and we have been a Family owned business for over 32 years.

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Did you know that we manufacture a complete range of incontinence products including absorbent underwear and waterproof pads? Some of these products also double as period-proof underwear.

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