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Waterproof Sheet (Mac for Quilt)

  • $39.95

Waterproof bed sheet mattress protector for fast, easy and stress free bed and mattress protection.
The waterproof bed sheet is designed to hold the 'Quilt' (absorbent bed pad component).
This waterproof bed sheet has tuck-in flaps/wings to ensure no movement during the night, while you sleep.
Designed to minimise 'washing load' and drying time, the Quilt is easily removable and separate to the waterproof bed sheet; simply wash and reuse the Quilt, or replace the Quilt with one on standby. Wipe the Mac of any residual moisture. This combination offers fast, easy and stress free protection. Of course, the Mac can also be used without the absorbent 'Quilt'.
Waterproof: YES 
Absorbent: NO. To be used with AQUAQUILT (absorbent component)
Working Capacity: None. Quilt can absorb up to 3000ml (3 Litres/101.5 Oz)
Fastening: Tuck-in flaps / Tuck-in wings
Sizing: See Photos or Sizing Chart
100% Australian Made

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