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MoliCare Premium Slip SUPER PLUS Disposable Incontinence Pants, PACKET

  • $54.99

MoliCare® Premium Slip SUPER PLUS disposable incontinence pants - 'tab-open' style - look and feel like normal underwear while offering premium comfort and security.
Of the MoliCare® Premium Slip products, the Super Plus range offers the highest level of protection against incontinence leakage and is available in multiple sizes.

The Premium Slip range is ideal for fecal (faecal) incontinence as it offers a 'Side Tab-Opening', for ease of removal.
Please see below for further information and size and absorbency break-downs.

MoliCare® Mobile is suitable for moderate to severe urinary and faecal (fecal) incontinence.
MoliCare® Mobile is design specially for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Disposable Incontinence Pant Features
- Ideal fit to body shape
- Unique 3-layer absorbent core 
- Wetness indicator 
- Water repellent inner cuffs for additional leakage protection
- Breathable textile-like back sheet for added comfort and extra discretion
- Tear open sides for simple and easy changing
- Skin friendly
- Odour neutralizer

MoliCare® Premium Slip Super Plus disposable incontinence pants are available in four (4) sizes:
- Small (Waist 60 - 90cm) = 1,320ml
- Medium (Waist 90 - 120cm) = 1,867ml
- Large (Waist 120-150cm) = 2,013ml
- X-Large (Waist 150cm - 175cm) = 2,200ml

PACK SMALL = 30 pants = $54.99 = $1.79 each

PACK MEDIUM = 30 pants = $54.99 = $1.79 each
PACK LARGE = 30 pants = $54.99 = $1.79 each
PACK X-LARGE = 14 pants = $24.99 = $2.35 each

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