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AMD Underpad 180x80 with Tucks, pack (15)

  • $25.49

Soft Top Cover
A soft outer fabric provides increased comfort while maintaining its strength.

Absorbent Core
Constructed with virgin fluff fibres to ensure fast absorbency and maximum comfort.

Soft Waterproof Backing
Designed to be silent and minimise movement when in use.

Economical Option
The use of disposable underpads can dramatically reduce laundry costs.

Folded for hygiene & easy bench storage
1 carton contains 6 bags of 15 pieces
White backing colour

Cello® disposable bed pads are available in one size / dimension:
80 x 180cm (including wings)

1,500mL (1.5 Litres)

Pack Quantity
15 disposable bed pads per packet

Carton Quantity
6 packets per carton carton = 90 disposable bed pads per carton


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